Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hopeful, & Lucky

Living in Northern NJ has been a challenge for all.  Thankfully no one in my family was hurt. Everyone I know lost power for about at least a week. I apologize for not posting something sooner but we've been kind of busy. Some still do not have power.  Most people have some damage.  Everyone knows a few people who have major loses.  We had some damage but overall were lucky.   Our area has been doing drives for the local flooding victims.  Everyone in my area has been effected in some way.   Many of the simple things which were taken for granted have made doing daily things challenging.  It took my co-worker 4.5 hours to get to work this Monday.  The lines of gas also can take hours and you might not even get the gas because stations run out.  Thankfully the gas problem is expected to improve shortly.  Tempers are short because people are tired so I am hopeful.  I voted & I am happy that all the politicking  is over so that we can get on with the important stuff of healing the horrific damage this storm has had on so many lives.