Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow, sniffles & stitching

This year's bug which has been going around finally bit me.  My train commute is most likely where it happened.  My system fought hard but all those bugs worn me down.   Been drowning the germs with tea and chicken soup and eating lots of fruit. This  translates into more stitching because I didn't 't feel well enough to do much else except sleep.
I am feeling a litte better. We've prepped for the expected blizzard but I really hope we don't loose power.  We forgot to fill up the generator with gas but it is half full.  There is a state of emergency in the NY / NJ / CT tri-state so we are hunkering down. Here is the piece I've been stitching.  I started it this month. The cat in piece has our Murphy's coloring.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Where did 2014 go?

Time seems to be passing at warp speed.  I remember as a kid thinking I was stuck in a slow motion machine because there were long periods where time just creeped along at a snails pace.  I wish everyone a happy, healthy,  and heartfelt joyous 2015. 
  Here are some of the recent things I have been working on.  A copy of WIPS I finished stitching like the snow man who will get his charm attached when I decided how I am going to finish him.  A few ornaments done on plastic mesh need ribbons, backing and wires.  One ink circle done on paper and a fall piece which I got from my friend Vickie at one of our retreats.   She had kitted them up.  A just nan kit I have been working on when traveling which is a ufo as is the floral heart.  And lastly a kitty kit I just started a few days ago.  Oh there also is a little flower I stitched on left over plastic which will become a book mark one day soon.