Saturday, May 16, 2015

"Me-out Serenade Season" and My Finishing Frenzy

It feels like Spring in New Jersey, finally!  We have indoor cats but in the nicer weather a couple of our cats like to go outside with us to check out all the green things and to roll in the sun.  A few of our girls will stick close to the door and sit on the stoop preferring to look at the world close to the safety of the house in case there is a loud noise  This would be our Heddy and Amy.  Sam, Serena, and Minnie will explore further but do not wander far from their humans.  The Murphy is a different story.   He is our explorer and wanderlust hits him hard.  Minnie does like to follow Murphy around but if you put your hand out or call her  Minnie hops like a bunny to you for a snuggle.  Amy, Minnie and Heddy are my girls and one of them is always by my side or on my lap when I am home.  My son wants Minnie to adore him like his Sam but Minnie wants nothing to do with him.  Here are a couple of shots of Minnie and Heddy snuggling on my crocheting projects.  The expresso and blue denim piece is a in-progress baby blanket using a free Moogly blog pattern called Neptune's Arrow.  I am loving crocheting this pattern so big thanks to Tamara at Moogly!  She has a great blog with tons of cool tutorials, instructions, tips for crochet.  The second blanket is also another wip project using Tamara's leaping stripes pattern also found on Moogly.  Clink on the link above a check it out, lots of great stuff on Moogly.  
Murphy wears a harness with a bell (he is not pictured here but there are shots on my other posts), a name tag in the shape of a dog bone and he only goes out with a leash.    My husband and son often take Murphy out.  Murphy will talk a blue streak to get someone  to take him out.  He can't go out alone because he gets into trouble.  Heaven forbid his arch nemesis the squirrel shows up in our yard.  Its all out war...  Murphy wants to investigate the whole neighborhood and protect his girls from the neighborhood cats.  The Murphy rubs against every fence post and surface he can to mark his territory outside.  Murphy leaps in the air and catches flies in his baseball mitt like paw and then chows down on crunchy bugs.  The Murphy is like a toddler asking "can I, please..."  over again so many times that it is white noise.  "Me-out" is the Murphy Mantra and this is the season.  When Murphy is outside his sister, Heddy frets and paces while he munches on grass and rolls around in it like a pig in mud.

March was a productive month of finishing finishes.  I think I have a total of 19 items that I completed the finishing in March.  I stitched all the items  in the posts except for 2 items.  The fob my friend Kathy had stitched for me in 2009 and a duck ornament that I found that my deceased Aunt had stitched which I will give to her daughter.
As you can tell I often stitch the same design a few times.  So you will probably see a few more of some of these designs.   I didn't post photos of the backs because I thought it is already a lot of pictures.  
These bookmarks are on snippets of left over plastic mesh and basted onto ribbon.  April is so far also a productive month with my finishing but I am saving those photos for next time. I need to find my black braid to finish up a few more this month.  I can't seem to find mine which is making me nuts. If you have read this far,many thanks!  I would love reading what you think.   I click on the link to your blog so I can see what you are up.  I am so inspired by what other people are stitching, crocheting, finishing, quilting, knitting and crafting, etc.                                                               I hope you are having a beautiful spring day and can get outside to enjoy it.   On Monday I start a new-old job and yesterday I bought a new-old car because I will be driving to work.  I generally commute via public transportation so driving to work will be new for me.  More on that also on my next post, lots going on.