Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Some stitching

I just completed Cat Paw prints by doop design on 28 CT even weave.   There is a cat button I will be attaching once I iron and decide how I will finish it.  The Rhodes heart done in splendor silk on the right gave me a hard time.  It took me 3 attempts before I liked the look of it. I changed up the fibers and I am pleased with how it turned out.  This is my first piece by this designer.

Also including a photo of my latest heart wip.   This French freebie design is by Cachounette 010410 which I am stitching in dmc 4025 on pale blue 18 ct aida for my heart quilt project. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Latest crochet wip blanket and another finished

We have 2 adorable nieces which live in Vermont.  I completed a blanket for Sadie who loves pink.  Done in homespun pink and Caron black yarn.

I am working another blanket for Abby.  Abbys favorite color is blue so I am calling Abbys blanket the waves. It is only about 15 inches so I have a way to go.  I need to complete this by September. 

Homespun blanket finish

This Thanksgiving after seeing a picture of another blanket I made my sister in law announced that she wanted me to make her a blanket for Christmas.  Well since it takes time that did not happen in 2013 but I did finish it in 2014.   She hasn't gotten it yet so this is just a peek at it.  My Murphy was a little annoyed at me when Janis' s blanket was finished and got put away.  It was made with Lions brand homespun yarn which washes and drys wonderfully.   In 2013 I made myself a blanket with this same yarn and it has been laundered a few times and looks and feels great.

There was also a new scarf and cowl for me completed.

Doesn't Murphy look comfortable? 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hooked on crocheting - baby blanket

Where to start when you have not blogged for a while?  Let me start with my latest love affair.  I fell hook line and sinker with yarn again a few years ago.  With so many beautiful new yarns, how do you select the right one for your project .  All those luscious colors and textures make it very hard to choose.

Here my latest baby blanket with a matching baby bag which has a cross stitched Shepard s bush design stitched on the front.  It's a ripple or zig zag design done in chenille pink/ orange plush yarn.  This was completed a few weeks ago and given to Angie, a very pregnant Amtrak customer service rep who I see weekly on my commute.

Angie is having a little girl so I customized the Be Extraordinary" SB kit and added a 3rd line to the design "baby (flower) girl".  I attached it to a tote bag which has nice elastic mesh side pockets perfect for bottles or sipping cups.