Sunday, February 22, 2015

New crocheting projects

Hunting for a new crochet stitch to use on my next blanket led to the moogly blog and this cool new stitch.  Moogly has wonderful clear instructions and a video.  I worked up a 12 inch.sample test swatch for a baby blanket. The design is called leaping stripes and I am in love with it.  The pattern is easy and uses only a couple of basic stitches yet produces an interesting herringbone pattern.  On the blog she use charming baby pallet colors but I decided to go with 2 jewel tones of the bulky Lion brand homespun yarn which I love using.  It washes so well and I adore the variegated colors.  I accented with Caron medium weight black and I  used a 10 hook so the blanket has body.  On my next blanket I am going to use a 10.5 hook to see which I like better.  
I also finished a knitted shawl for myself done with the seed stitch.  I started this shawl last winter.    You can see the beginning of one of my cat toys on top of the shawl.  I will be stuffing with  catnip added in.  My kitties already nabbed this pink guy twice and I had to go rescue him and that is all prior to my adding any catnip.  My son made me snap a picture before this pink piggy gets "loved up".  Piggy needs a button nose and a squiggly tail. There are many sad looking yarn rodents that have gotten much of love this winter.  Since a few have gotten tossed given their sad state a couple of replacements are needed.  These little left over yarn toys are such a hit that when my husband noticed my catnip supply was getting low he bought me a mondo replacement jar of catnip.  Lots of happy and sometimes stoned kitties in our abode.


  1. Nice crochet stitching! Is the pink elephant the kitty toy? Cute!