Monday, October 5, 2015

A Summer of Crocheting

Although I love to stitch my stitching mojo has apparently been missing but my crochet and knitting hooks have been busy.  Normally I don't do much with yarn over the warmer months but not this summer.
My preferred homemade gift for babies especially baby boys is a blanket but I also do them for little girls too.  I have always found that little boys have a strong bond with their blankie where as little girls are more attached to a stuffed toy.
I made a total of 6 baby blankets.   One was made in the spring and the rest were done in the summer.  This is the last gift set I made.  The hat was made on a round knit loom and this is my first time making the bunny.  I saw someone post the bunny on printerest and I had to try making one.  I am pleased how it came out.  This will not be my last bunny.  Sophia's mom loved the bunny and dad was pleasantly surprised by the gift set.  Sophia's dad is my son's boss at home depo..  Everything was made with a variety of Lion Brand machine washable and dry-able yarns.  The blanket pattern is called Neptune's Arrow and it is a freebie on the Moggly blog.  My blankets are all approximately 45 by 45 depending of how much of a boarder I add.  They are larger than the standard baby size of 36x36 and a little smaller than a throw.  It's the size I liked the most for my guy when he was small.
Four baby gift sets were done for the 4 new dad's at my job.   All these guys became dad's within a month of each other.  I help plan the shower. At first there were 2 guys who had expecting wives.  Then we found out another guy's wife was due while planning the shower.  And lastly in a meeting I found out in just 2 weeks that we had a fourth Dad.  
My first 2015 baby blanket was done
using the Moggly leaping stripes pattern.
The whole shower event went so well that it will be tough to top that but I am going to have to give it a go because one of the ladies goes out on maternity leave on November 1st.  Yes that means another baby gift and it's another boy.  Four little boys and a fifth on is on its way.
Drive by NYC Pope Blessing
The White blur is a virtual drive by blessing.
While chatting with my friend Christopher
The pope drove by within 20 feet of him with
his hand outside the window blessing the crowds
This is my late small stitched small.
We had a potluck fund raiser at work
for LLS.  We raised over $1,200 and
voted on the best dish.  This potholder
was part of the first prize gift.

Thanks for reading my neglected blog.  The summer flew by and it seemed like I was rushing from one thing to another.  Lots of hard work and elbow grease this summer and I don't know where the time went.  Not many BBQs or parties and we didn't make it up to Vermont.  Sadly I attended the funeral of a good friend, Mark who I will miss dearly.  This fall also seems to be crazy busy.  I need to gather the last of my tomatoes and our fresh herbs before the temperatures dip.  I am going to miss the heavenly smell of the basil, mint, oregano, and rosemary each morning and evening when I watered them. I will be bring in my mini roses to the office to brighten my desk.  This past weekend we got the back yard ready for the changing season.  I was disappointed that we really didn't grill that much this summer and we didn't really spend as much time outside this year.  We only played a few hands of gin rummy instead of our usually heated competition.  What will you miss most about this summer?