Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blackbird's Thistle Manor finish

This is the second time I have stitched this freebie design.  Something about it just appeals to me.  I used 2 complete skeins of anchor cotton floss in #92 and #96  because I used 3 strands of floss  The colors are off in the photo but these are pinkish lavender thistle colors on cream 14ct aida.  This is added to my pile of heart themed finished pieces for a quilt which I hope to put together.  I am using aida or a hearty even weave for the stitched squares so that they hold up to washing.  Most of my stitching friends no longer use aida but I am enjoying stitching on it.  I also am keeping to color fast floss in my heart squares.
 My current crochet blanket is growing. It is now 31 inches by 72.  No photo this time since my muse is off snuggling with my hubby.  Today it is too warm to be working on a toasty blanket.  

Until next time....