Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ripple Baby blankets

My stitching buddy Amy is rather shy.  I could not get her to look up as I snapped this picture so about all you see are Amy's white whisker and toes.  Our 2 black cat girls are about the same size except Sam's white is limited to her panties.   Little by little Amy is letting my husband pet her but she will chatter away if she doesn't get my attention.  Sam on the other hand will grab your arm, wrap herself around your leg or tap you on the shoulder.  She uses her paws just like hands and is very skilled and that.

This is the 2nd ripple baby blanket I made for a work colleague.  I used yellow Lion's brand homespun which is no longer available and a comparable bulky pink from Red Heart plus a number 10 crochet hook. These blankets were a hit at work.  these first 2 blankets went to guys.  I was actually very nicely surprised at how well the guys liked them.  The 3rd blanket was for a woman who had to leave work early due to complications so I had thought I'd give her the blanket when she returned.  Unfortunately the day she got back they let her go due to cut backs.   Anyway I am still working on the third blanket.  This  seems to be my train and car project. 

This is the 1st baby blanket I did using a finer yarn with size 5 hook.  I really loved the look of this one better but boy did it take a lot longer to do.  I have a 3rd blanket I am doing with the same yarn but I decided to use a 5.5 hook so it is going a little faster.  The 3rd I had put aside during the summer because after doing the 2nd bulky one during the summer heat I wanted no part of working with yarn for a while.  I have pick it up again and I am about a  17 or so inches done.  I like to make them about 40 - 45 inches. 

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  1. The baby blankets are beautiful! Hey have you checked out There are lots of pretty free patterns on there!