Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer Reading

As summer comes to an end I thought I'd list some of the books I enjoyed over this summer.

By Nora Roberts, The Black Hills , I am a big fan of the suspense books she writes.

I am currently reading....
Hour game  by Baldacci, David. (part of a series of 4 books)  You will see the 2 other I've read below.  His books move and I am surprised I had not read this author before.

A Clash of Kings by Martin, George R. R. (this the 2nd book in a series of 5)  I am totally hooked.  Midevil 

 This is the 2nd one I read by this author as part of a series.  Very good and a quick read. 

This is the first book that I read by this author and it had me looking to see what else he's written.  A page turner that I seriously enjoyed, full of twists and turns.  I passed this one on to a friend and now she is also hooked on this author.

I had not read one by this author in a few years.  This is medical fiction and not for those in search of happily ever after endings.  It is rather graphic but not horror.  I love mysteries but dislike horror.
I discovered this author by watching the HBO special.  The show is very true to the book and I loved both.  There are 5 books in the series and I an reading the 2nd one now.  I am trying to take by time reading it because it is so good and I want it to last.  I came across someone on the train reading the 3rd one.  She gave it a thumbs up as did someone who over heard us discussing it.  I had to wait a long time on my library's list to get the book.  It was worth the wait!

I love Monica Ferris and I read a couple of hers in the beginning of the summer.  I think I am all caught up and I have read all 14 of them.  I discovered that these books are called cozy fiction.  They are who done it's related to a stitchery shop owner.

The one was how I began my summer reading and it was wonderful! 

I love a good book!

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  1. One of my stitching friends recently sent me a Monica Ferris novel. It was great company on a cold and wet day!