Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome to my New Blog

I have started a new blog.   Why you ask?  I accidentally lost access my old blog, my gmail account, and to all of my goggle groups.  I was trying to set up a you tube account  because I wanted to list a link and did not pay attention when posting my birthday.   I hate providing personal data because accounts get hacked all of the time. 

I entered 01-01-01 which would make me under age so Google froze my accounts and I have been unable to get it fixed.  I am not under age but I would not mind turning back time a little,  sigh.  I have started this new blog because I can't get into the old one or any of my former Google accounts.

I have started a fresh because my efforts to get the old account fixed failed.   So now I have to make all those little decisions again on how I want to do this. 


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